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Ribfest Goes Virtual!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Waterdown's Oh Canada Ribfest will be a little different this year. And while we can't meet at Memorial Park, we can still have some fun -- here's how:

  1. Save the date: June 27-June28 and plan to meet up with your Ribfest gang (with appropriate social distancing or, even better, online).

  2. Plan your food: We are partnering with local restaurants who will offer "Ribfest Special" meals or food kits for you to enjoy at home. Pre-order your favourites and pick them up. (A list of participating restaurants will be posted shortly.) This is an opportunity to support community businesses and give back to the community, while digging into some really great food.

  3. Rock out: Brush up on your best air guitar moves and get ready to dance as we stream live music by popular Ribfest performers. Special thanks to Brown Financial Security and Brown Lawyers for sponsoring this awesome concert!

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Interested in offering a Ribfest Special meal?

We welcome all local restaurants who want to participate. Meals will be offered on a pre-order system, and you can follow your usual curbside pickup/delivery protocol. To find out more about becoming a Ribfest partner and view the Virtual Ribfest agreement, see below:

Restaurant Info

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