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Trash talking

It really is a messy job...but every year a dedicated team of Rotarians and community volunteers work all weekend long during Ribfest to ensure as much waste material as possible is kept from heading to the landfill.

This means endless hours of sorting and bagging the various items discarded by Ribfest - cutlery, plates, name it - to ensure all the waste goes to the right place.

And our efforts are working!

Last year nearly 60 per cent of all the waste generated over the four days of Ribfest was recycled or composted. More than 690 kg of that was cardboard, an additional 970 kg was plastic containers and a whopping 3,050 kg of that total was organic material.

Obviously, we want to get as close to 100 per cent diversion from the landfill as possible - and our volunteers are gloved up and ready to go for this weekend!

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