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A great food lineup for Virtual Ribfest

It’s hard to believe, but it’s just ONE WEEK until Waterdown’s first-ever Virtual Ribfest! I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready for a backyard barbecue party. And what makes a great summer bash? Food. Friends (in person if it’s safe, online if it’s not). Food. Music. Did I mention food?

When we decided to plan a “virtual” event, we wanted to create something for people to look forward to after months of social isolation, something to make them feel like things are almost “normal.” Of course, nothing is more social than sharing delicious summer food. But without the park, the food trucks, the ribbers and our beer tent, we didn’t exactly have a head start this year.

So, we reached invited local restaurants to help us create a backyard barbecue party to chase away the pandemic blues – and eight of them stepped up. We are thrilled that some of our favourites (and yours too, I’m betting) are on the menu. Even better: By ordering from our Virtual Ribfest partners, you will be giving them a much-needed boost as they struggle to emerge from months of economic challenges. I count that as a win all the way around!

To make selecting your Virtual Ribfest menu a bit easier, here is a breakdown of the details we have on what each partner is offering and their ordering information and deadlines:

NEW!!! Order deadline: Wed., June 24

Menu: Food Kits that include St. Louis-style pork ribs, cheddar cheese perogies, coleslaw, beans and caramelized onions. Feeds 2; $50.Also: Family Meal Kit that includes 1 Full Rack of Baby Back Ribs, 2 packages Loaded Baked Potato Perogies, Caramelized Onions,1 lb Baked Beans, Creamy Coleslaw -- $70. Feeds 4.

Delivery – June 26

Pickup (Waterdown/Burlington) – June 27

A Change of Pace Restaurant – 34 Queen Street, Morriston

Order deadline: Wed., June 24

Contact: 519-767-9987

Menu: Choose from: Ribs and Wings Combo - $22.99; BBQ Chicken - $17.99; BBQ Pulled Pork on a Kaiser - $15.99. All come with fresh cut fries and coleslaw!

Pickup only.

Jitterbug Café – 35 Main St. N. Waterdown

Order deadline: Thursday, June 25, 4 p.m.

Contact: 905-690-7670

Menu: Dinner for 4 includes 2 pulled chicken sandwiches + 2 hot dogs (or 4 pulled chicken sandwiches) plus coleslaw for $35.

Pickup only.

Cascata Bistro – 281 Carlisle Road, Carlisle

Order deadline: Thursday, June 25

Contact: 289-895-7986

Menu: Ribwich with onion rings $23

Patio picnic or porch pickup.

Turtle Jack’s Waterdown – 255 Dundas St. E., Waterdown

Order deadline: June 26, 9 p.m.

Contact: 905-690-1787

Menu: Big Wing Sandwich with 1 side: $21.99

Pickup only.

Order deadline: Last order by 8 p.m. each day


Menu: Full menu; use promo code (TBA) for 15% Ribfest discount

Pickup only.

Royal Coachman – 1 Main St. N. Waterdown

Order deadline: N/A

Contact: 905-689-5952

Menu: 1 lb of Wings with Fries (no substitutions) $22.99

Pickup or Patio Dining - June 27 & 28 only

Kamoosh Bistro – 34 Main St. N. Waterdown

Order deadline: N/A

Contact: 289-895-7500;

Menu (all prices include $5 tax free donation to Virtual Ribfest): Pulled Pork Sandwich feat. honey garlic pulled port, caramelied onions and mozzarella topped with house made coleslaw and served with a side of mixed greens with red onion, feta and blueberry pomegranate vinaigrette $30; Half Rack BBQ Baby Back Ribs with house made coleslaw, Mexican-inspired corn and bun, $30; Full Rack Baby Back Ribs with house made coleslaw, Mexican-inspired corn, 2 buns and mixed greens with red onion, feta and blueberry pomegranate vinaigrette, $45.

On the Patio, or contactless prepaid pickup.

Order deadline: N/A

Contact: 905-690-9987

Menu: A Ribfest surprise!

Curbside pickup only.

Bucky has been practising his grilling moves, but he'll be out and about on Virtual Ribfest weekend!

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