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Please, no dogs at Ribfest

I love dogs. I love Ribfest. Alas, the two don’t go together.

Did you know that Waterdown’s Oh Canada Ribfest operates under the same regulations as a restaurant? That means that dogs are not allowed in the section of Memorial Park reserved for the festival.

Of course, registered service animals are excepted, as they would be at any other business or public space. They must be accompanied by the appropriate documentation; any person entering Ribfest with a service animal will be checked in and they'll receive a wristband so they can move freely throughout the festival.

Please note, as per AODA guidelines, only service animals trained to perform specific tasks to assist a person with a disability will be admitted; this does NOT include emotional support animals.

Check out the Plan Your Visit page for more tips on making the most of this year's Ribfest – just four more sleeps to go!

Penny is a great dog - but she won't be coming with me to Ribfest!


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