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A few Ribfest reminders

Are you getting excited for the BEST festival of the summer? We are!

So with just a few more sleeps before the big day, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Ribfest:

Where can I park?

There are premium parking spots available in the Memorial Park parking lot, which you can access off of Hamilton Street. The cost to park on site is $15; in return, each vehicle receives a package of vouchers donated by local businesses, valued at about $20. There is plenty of free parking on side streets around the park - just be sure to respect local residents and business owners who need to access their driveways. And remember: there is absolutely NO Ribfest parking in the Fortino's plaza - a rule that is enforced enthusiastically.

Can I bring my bike into Ribfest?

For safety reasons, bicycles are not allowed into the festival area of Memorial Park during Ribfest. Those who ride to the park are encouraged to bring along their bike locks and find a spot to secure their bikes.

Can I bring my dog to Ribfest?

Waterdown’s Oh Canada Ribfest operates under the same regulations as a restaurant – which means to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone throughout the weekend, dogs are not allowed in the section of Memorial Park reserved for the festival. Of course, service animals are exempted.

Can I pay with debit or credit?

Most vendors and food trucks now offer tap; and you can use your card or cash for donations at the gate, beer tokens and pop. For your convenience, we will also have ATMs on site.

Can I smoke at Rbifest?

There is absolutely NO smoking or vaping in the festival area during Ribfest. Period.

Remember, if you have any questions, look for a Ribfest volunteer in a blue shirt - they will be happy to help. See you at the park!


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