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Ribfest is thirsty work

Ribfest is just around the corner – and right on schedule, the weather is heating up. Which means those of us who will be in the park on Canada Day weekend will be looking for ways to stay hydrated.

The Ribfest committee is super jazzed about a new feature this year: thanks to local sponsor Brown Financial Security, a water truck will be on site all weekend to provide FREE water. All you need to do is bring along your reusable water bottle and fill up whenever you want! This is a great way to make sure everyone is comfortable in the heat, and it cuts down on single-use plastics so it’s a great environmental choice. Everyone wins!

For those who prefer beverages that have a bit more kick, we are excited to welcome back Molson Coors as our provider this year, along with red, white and rosé from The Wine Store. For those who prefer craft beer, Nickelbrook will be serving up some of their popular brands. As for me, I’ll probably be stopping by the West Avenue Cider booth (once or twice) for some of their delicious refreshments. And of course, I’ll be bringing my water bottle along!


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