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Parking etiquette at Ribfest

I am one of the lucky ones who live within reasonable walking distance of Memorial Park, which means I usually leave my car at home during Ribfest - and I know many local residents who also do the same. The benefits include fewer cars on the street, no waiting for traffic lines to clear out at the end of the night, and being able to visit the beer tent.

However, for most visitors this weekend, leaving their automobile at home is not an option. So, here are some handy tips for parking during Ribfest:

• There is absolutely NO Ribfest parking in the Fortinos plaza - and this rule is enforced enthusiastically.

• About 150 premium spots are available in the newly paved Memorial Park parking lot (the only entry to Ribfest for vehicles is via Hamilton Street). The cost to park on site is $10 - and in return, each vehicle receives vouchers donated by local businesses that are valued at about $15. To sweeten the deal, funds raised from the fees are directed to the groups who will be volunteering in the parking area during the weekend, including 3rd Waterdown Scouts, Flamborough Santa Claus Parade, Waterdown Dancers Inc., CHOICES, Community Church, Carlisle Scouts and the 150 Squadron Cadets.

• There is plenty of free parking on side streets near Memorial Park; but please be respectful of local residents and business owners who need to be able to access their driveways and parking lots.

• For safety reasons, bicycles are not allowed in the festival area of Memorial Park during Ribfest.

See you at Ribfest!

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