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More to life than ribs

Ribs get top billing at Waterdown’s Oh Canada Ribfest, naturally. But what is a community festival without blooming onions, ice cream and pizza?

Well, Ribfest has it all – so bring your appetites! The Rotary club’s Ribfest planning committee has put together a food lineup that caters to every craving. Roasted corn on the cob? Check. Chicken and chips? Check. Bloomin' Onions? Yep.

And then there are the sweet treats…I’ll need room for a funnel cake or beaver tail - decisions, decisions!

To wash it all down, pop and water will be available for purchase and The Lemon will be selling its refreshing lemonade. This year's beverage provider is Molson-Coors, with a variety of alcoholic selections on site.

Check out our list of food sellers to plan this Canada Day weekend eating adventure.

#CanadaDay #Ribfest #Waterdown #Hamilton #Burlington #festival #family

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