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A thirst for fun

Sampling ribs is thirsty work. Throw in the summer sun and typically high Canada Day weekend temperatures, and I'm soon looking for something to wet my whistle during all the festivities. Luckily, there is no shortage of great beverages on offer right in the park.

I am not typically a beer drinker, but I know that aficionados of the hops-based quaff are pleased that Molson-Coors has signed on as the beverage provider for Waterdown's Oh Canada Ribfest this year. With that, we can expect to see several lines of their popular brands to choose from, including Molson Canadian (natch), Creemore Springs, Miller High Life, Coors Light and Molson Cider, along with selected craft beers and coolers. There will also be red and white wine (yay!) available.

Of course, plenty of non-alcoholic beverages will be sold during Ribfest as well. The

Lemon's jaunty fruit-shaped booths will be serving up refreshing citrus drinks. As well, volunteers from Team Spirit will be selling pop and water all weekend, with the proceeds going to support a group of Flamborough-based karate athletes who are heading to Greece this fall to compete in the WKU World Championships.

And that, I think, deserves a toast. Cheers!

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